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Prescription Medications Michigan

Michigan Prescription Drug Donation Programs

March 21 2015 , Written by James Reilo

prescription medications michigan

People sometimes find that they no longer need certain prescription drugs that they've purchased or received. For example, a doctor may instruct patients to stop taking medicines if they experience strong side effects or their ailments are cured. Many government and medical institutions accept and safely dispose of unused prescription medications Michigan. However, an alternative is to donate these drugs to programs that help people who can't afford to buy them. At least three organizations accept medicine donations in this state.
Hope Medical Clinic
prescription medications michigan

Some locals give unused medications to a free health clinic located in Ypsilanti. It takes prescription drugs that remain sealed and have yet to expire, according to the University of Michigan. This nonprofit won't accept controlled substances, such as narcotic pain relievers. The Hope Medical Clinic gives donated medications to low-income patients. In 2013, it supplied people with medicines valued at over $2 million dollars. This organization also performs free tests and provides basic health care.
World Medical Relief

Detroit is home to another nonprofit group that seeks donations of prescription drugs. World Medical Relief takes most sealed, unexpired medicines or drug samples that don't need to be refrigerated. Expiration dates must be a minimum of six months away. This venerable organization on Rosa Parks Boulevard serves both local and global beneficiaries. At first, WMR exclusively focused on supplying medicine to poor nations elsewhere in the world. It began assisting local seniors as well in 1966.
Cancer Drug Repository Program
prescription medications michigan

Low-income and uninsured cancer patients often find it difficult to pay for prescription medications in Michigan. The state government has responded by creating a system that enables residents to donate and receive cancer medications. Approved drug stores play a major role in the program; they accept the medicines from donors, safely store them and give them to people in need. As of 2014, only three pharmacies fully participate. They are located in Troy and Royal Oak.

Before traveling to donation sites, some residents call ahead to confirm that their prescription drugs can be accepted. The organizations that take these donations normally screen the medicines to verify that the packaging and labels are fully intact.

prescription medications michigan

While partially used bottles of pills can't be donated, individually wrapped patches and tablets are often suitable.

In addition to helping low-income patients, these donations reduce waste and ensure that unused drugs don't pollute the environment or drinking water.

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